Using Google Classroom

Our Learning Platform

We are using Google Classroom as our learning platform. Every child has been given a QR code and an emoji password. Please keep these details somewhere safe! Either of these can be used to log in, by following this link.

The first time your child logs in from a new device, they will need their username and password. Once your child has logged in, they can then use their emoji password or QR code to access this link.

From here, your child will be able to access online learning set by the teacher as well as logging into Purple Mash and Times Table Rockstars. Google Classroom will allow the school to share online resources, create and link to videos with teaching points, record and share the teachers introducing lessons and activities, set assignments, projects and quizzes for the children to complete and give children feedback on their work and progress. We will also be able to invite the class to join a video call for live discussions and teaching time through Google Classroom.

To access Google Classroom:

Go to the dashboard from the link above and then log in using your child’s username and password.

Google Classroom app:

Don’t forget to download the Google Classroom app. This is the best way to access Google Classroom from an Android tablet or phone and will send alerts when assignments are scheduled etc.

Also available through the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Google Classroom tutorials: