A win for the football team!

A win for the football team!
November 22, 2022 Alton Park
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On Tuesday 8th November, the Alton Park football team travelled to Whitehall Academy for a match. They played brilliantly and didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits, finishing the game with a win of 8-1. Well done to all involved!

“We arrived ready for the match but it was delayed by the rain, so we took shelter under the equipment. Thankfully, the match went ahead and got we got ready to play. The formation was Oliver as goalkeeper, Jenson and Leo as centre-backs, Max as central midfielder, Harry and Archie on the wings and Oscar upfront. The match began. We still played in the rain. The score was 8-1 to Alton Park and the goal scorers were Oscar (3), Harry (1), Archie (1), Zack (2) and George (1).”

– Oscar (Year 5)