Year 6: Residential Trip Kit List

Year 6: Residential Trip Kit List
June 21, 2022 Alton Park
In Year 6 Letters

With the Year 6 residential trip fast approaching, we thought you may appreciate a reminder of the kit list.

Kit list for Bradwell

▶ Indoor shoes or slippers

▶ Pyjamas, dressing gown

▶ Lots of underwear

▶ Bin bag for taking home dirty washing

▶ Jumpers/fleeces/sweatshirts

▶ Jacket (with waterproof hood if possible)

▶ 2 towels (one for after showers, one for wet activities)

▶ Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, hairbrush, sun cream)

▶ Longsleeved tops/T-shirts (you can wear t-shirts for activities if you wear a jumper over the top)

▶ Long trousers (at least one pair waterproof) e.g. jogging bottoms, leggings

▶ Suitable shoes e.g. trainers. NOT sandals. You need 2 pairs one to keep dry, one you can get wet.

▶ Plastic water bottle that can be refilled daily

Note: Children will do some wet, some dry activities. They need a few changes of clothes. Old clothes are ideal. We cannot guarantee the state these clothes will come home in, so please do not send the children’s ‘best’ clothes!

Please do NOT bring: mobile phones food or drink (food is not allowed in the residential setting as it encourages mice, money (there are no shops), electric items e.g. hairdryer, iPad, valuables of any kind.

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